Innovative Courier Solutions

151 Atlas Ct, Columbia, SC 29209

800.556.RUSH (7874)


Q: What kind of things do you courier about?
A: Checks, deposits, documents, film, photos, drawings, plans, equipment, parts, court filings, pharmaceuticals, payroll, interoffice mail, supplies, computers, machine or automotive parts, etc. That's a few... there are countless more. The world needs things taken from point A to point B, and sometimes that need is urgent. We're specialists at getting those deliveries done on time.

Q: How do you charge for services?
A: Our rates depend on the service needs of the customer. We tailor a transportation solution to your needs and charge accordingly.

Q: Are your courier drivers uniformed?
A: Yes.  We understand we are representing you. Therefore, all our couriers are well groomed and provide service wearing Innovative Courier Solutions uniforms.

Q: What type of vehicles do you operate?
A: We have a variety of vehicles that match your courier needs.  The majority of our services are performed utilizing cars, vans, pickups and straight trucks.

Q: Do you have any size limits on package delivery?
A: Although we can handle any type of shipment, we typically handle packages up to 70 lbs.

Q: How often do you bill for services?
A: We generally bill weekly. Customized billing formats are available, including paperless billing.

Q: How does a courier find so many different addresses?
A: Each courier is equipped with a GPS system as well as a high level of knowledge of their operating areas. 

Q: Who uses your services?
A: Architects, accountants, attorneys, banks, doctors, pharmacies, suppliers, machine shops, labs, hospitals, parts distributors, realtors, mortgage brokers, individuals and anyone that needs dependable, custom transportation.

Q: How do I open an account?
A: You can open an account by calling 1-803.409.0950 and requesting an account request form. We can fax one over to you within minutes or you can also do it over the phone with a friendly ICS account specialist.